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patches We would like to thank these folks for their participation.” To be safe, he added, users should ensure their workstations are not infected with malware that could allow for unauthorized access to their computers, especially when it comes to installing patches. “Unfortunately, there are a lot of different threats out there in today’s marketplace, and it’s not always clear what to look for, so it’s important to be careful,” he concluded.# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """Test Time Series Filter and Anomaly Detection from Tech Briefs News Corpus.""" from unittest import TestCase from gensim.test.utils import common_test_name from gensim.models import KeyedVectors from sklearn.cluster import KMeans from sklearn.cluster import MiniBatchKMeans from lisa.corpus.annotation import get_annotation_data_from_sentence from lisa.corpus.annotation import get_annotation_sentences from lisa.corpus.annotation import get_sentence_annotation_data from lisa.corpus.corpus import Corpus class TestTimeseriesFilterAnomalyDetectionFromNews(TestCase): """Test timeseries filter and anomaly detection from Tech Briefs news corpus.""" def setUp(self): """Set-up function to initialize training data.""" self.__annotations = self.load_news_corpus(True) self.__sentence_annotation = get_annotation_sentences( self.__annotations, annotation_type='sentence' ) self.__sentence_annotation_data = get_annotation_data_from_sentence( self.__sentence_annotation, annotation_type='sentence'



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