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Plastic Cake Decorating Turntable

Plastic Cake Decorating Turntable

SKU: SKU 013

A turntable that every baker would love.
If you are a baker and your are looking up to bake the most finest cakes, PERFECT BAKEWARE Round Rotating Revolving Cake Sugarcraft Turntable Decorating Stand Platform is what you need.
This cake decorating turntable is made up of the finest quality of ABS Plastic that helps cake decorates spread icing evenly and aids in adding details such as borders and patterns.
The sturdy and reliable non-slip base helps in keeping the cake in place while you ice it with ease.
This baking tool is easy to maintain, you could either keep it in a dishwasher or hand wash.
Easily controlled by you this freely rotatable turntable can be turned either clockwise or anti clockwise depending on your convenience.
If you love to bake, this baking cake turntable is the right tool for you and it would last for years.

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