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6 Cups Muffins Cupcake Mould

6 Cups Muffins Cupcake Mould

SKU: SKU 011

Create your own muffins and cup cakes at home with these non stick muffin pan tray. You can now prepare muffins for your family and friends in one stretch with the 6 moulds in the tray. The cups of the tray are made up of non stick surface and are made to be kept in OTG or Freezer. The non stick coating in the cups makes it more easier to release the muffins or cupcakes and also easy to clean after baking. The non-stick surface of our muffin/cupcake pan makes paper baking cups optional and clean-up easy. You never have to worry about buying disposable muffin/cupcake cups or the traditional muffin tin again constructed of 100 percent pure food grade non-stick pans clean beautifully, stain and odour resistant, muffin/cupcakes retain shape, no more scrubbing scraping muffins/cupcakes release easily from pan, dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe.

You can make 6 cupcakes once
Easy and no-mess solution
Oven safe up to 220 C
Freezer and dishwasher safe
Does not absurd smells or tastes during cooking

Cup quantity: 6 cups
Material: Aluminum
Whole Size: approx 26.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 3 cm Depth of 2.8 cm
Individual cup: depth: approx. 3 cm, up Diameter: 5 cm, Lower Diameter: 4.5 cm
Main Colour: Black

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