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Royal Cakes & Baking Classes

For Details:

About the Course


Offline class

1st course

Eggless cake course

5 days class for cakes which is for 5500/- for 1 hour 30 mins class

U will learn

How to bake vanilla sponge

How to bake Caramel cake

How to bake Rasmalai cake

How to bake Black Forest cake

How to Chocolate truffle cake

How to bake Red velvet cake

How to bake chocolate sponge

How to beat whipping cream with all tips and tricks

How to operate oven

How to make chocolate ganache

How to give flavours in layers of the cake

How to make sugar syrup

How to make caramel sauce

How to make chocolate shapes

How to give finishing on whipping cream cakes

Piping techniques

How to give finishing on chocolate cake

2nd course

Duration 2 weeks

With egg and without egg cakes

Learn to make 10 types of basic cakes

Black Forest cake

White forest cake

Chocolate truffle cake

Rasmalai cake

Red velvet cake

Caramel cake

Biscoff cake

Mixed fruit cake

Kitkat cake

Coffee walnut cake

How to make cake base with egg and without egg

How to whip the cream to perfect consistency

How to store whipping cream

How to make sugar syrup

How to give flavours

How to fix pricing

How to make chocolate ganache

How to give perfect finishing using chocolate ganache and whipped cream

Easy recipes with easily available ingredients

How to transport your cake

Vendor details will be given

All tips and tricks will be provided

Design - doll cake , photo print cake , piñata cake , bomb cake , piping techniques ( border, basket effect, flowers, leaf and much more)

Fees 15000

3rd course

learn baking from basic to professional

First course cake with icing

It is 15 days course

U will learn

How to make cake base ..

How to whip cream

How to cut layers of cake

How to make sugar syrup

How to give different favour

How to make chocolate truffle sauce

How to give finishing using chocolate truffle sauce

How to give finishing using whipping cream

How to make border , different types of piping techniques

Flowers, different types of leaves,grass,roses,basket effect,

How to make chocolate shapes( rectangle, triangle, circles) how to make caramel sauce,

Cakes covered - black forest,

Chocolate truffle,

Chocolate mousse,

Oreo cake,



Mix fruit,


White forest



red velvet,

Ice cream cake

Ras malai cake ,coffee mocha cake

Kitkat cake , chocolate eclair cake , Nutella walnut cake

Rabdi kaju katli cake

Belgium chocolate cake

Apple pie cake

Biscoff cake

Chocolate orange cake

Course include both eggless & with egg cakes

Buttercream cakes

Sharp edges using ganache and buttercream

Textured buttercream

Course fees is 25000 rs

4th course

Cookies master class

Oats and whole wheat cookies


Butter cookies

Triple chocolate chips cookies

White chocolate Corn flakes and cranberries cookies

Herbs cookies

Fees 2500

5th course ( 2 days)

Brownie course

In this exciting workshop

U will learn the advance recipes and techniques in making perfect and delicious brownies at home with easily available ingredients

Course content

1. Sizzler Super fudgy chocolate walnut brownies

2 . Red velvet cream cheese brownies

3. Chocolate cheesecake brownies

4. Nutella hazelnut brownies

How to make tiled brownies

How to make a brownie cake


Kitkat brownies

Ferror Rocher Nutella brownies

Oreo brownies

Tobleron brownies

Wheat and jaggery brownies

Duration - 2 days

Fees - 3500

6th course (2 days)

Cupcake course

Learn moist , delicious homemade cupcakes

In this class you will learn all the tricks and techniques of Baking from getting a cake to b light and fluffy

What you will learn

Red velvet cupcakes

Cookie and cream cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes

gulabjamun cupcakes

kajukatli cupcakes

rasmalai cupcakes

Lotus biscoff cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes

Vanilla chocolate cupcakes

Rose cupcakes

Mocha cupcakes

Nutella cupcakes

Cupcake bouquet

Duration 2 days

Fees 2750

7th course

4 days

Cheese cake



Desserts in jars

Tarts , pannacotta,tiramisu

Fees- 4500

8th course ( 3days)

Pineapple upside down cake

Carrot cake with frosting

Banana walnut cake

Plum cake

Parsi mawa cake

Fees 3500

9th course

Doughnuts and Berliners course

Have u been struggling on how to make perfect doughnuts 🍩 so

This course for u

U will learn

Basics of raw materials

Basics of equipments used

Prepare perfect dough for doughnuts without using harmful chemicals

How to prove the dough

Frying doughnuts to perfect point

Make centre filled flavour doughnuts

Variations in centre filling

Glazed doughnuts

Sugar cinnamon doughnuts

Morden decoration topping

Drizzle effect

Unicorn theme

Chocolate dip

Fees 2000 rs

Duration 1 day

10th course

Duration 3 days

Fondant class

How to make butter cake

How to cut it in layers

How to make sugar syrup

How to apple chocolate ganache on cake with perfect consistency

How to give sharp edges

Covering a cake with fondant effortlessly

Modelling of basic animal

Transport friendly cake structure

Designing a Fondant cake and implementation of techniques

Making cake decoration like bows, ruffles etc

Using plunger cutters and silicone moulds

Pricing, storage and transportation

Tricks to apply fondant toppers on whipping cream and buttercream cakes will b discussed

How to make fondant rose , daisy , sunflower , lily , butterfly and leaves

How to give realistic look to flowers

How to attach wires on fondant toppers

Fees 5000

11th course cakesicles and cake pops

duration 2 days .

U will learn how to bake a base for cakesicle





Gold leaf


Hello kitty

Fees - 3500


modern wedding cake master class

Work on 3 tier cake construction

( 2 real cake + 1 dummy cake )

Baking of the butter cake ( chocolate and vanilla)

How to make Italian buttercream

Textured on buttercream cake


Sharp edges on ganache , buttercream and fondant

How to make edible lace

How to make ruffles and marble effect

How to make gum paste peony , rose and filler flowers

Use of metallic colours and dust

So many ideas , tips and tricks will b given

Transport friendly structure

Recipes will b given

All class support will b provided

Vendor details

Class fees 10000 rs

13th course

French macarons

Fees 3500

14th course

Standing heart cake

A detailed class with techniques to help you understand to make structure , cake carving , ganaching and draping the fondant neatly

Fees 3500

15th course

Royal icing cookies

And decorations

Fees -2500

16th course

Middle eastern dessert




Fees 4000

17th course

Chocolates , chocolate lollipops and truffles

What will you learn?

- Handling of compound Chocolate in Different Weather Conditions

- How to make perfect Fudge

- How to Decorate truffles most attractive way

- Flavoring Essentials

- Seasons Special attractive Theme Packaging essentials

- Pricing your chocolates

Types of Chocolates

- plain chocolates

- Dry fruit chocolate

- Caramel chocolate

- Coconut chocolate

- Centre filled chocolate

- Colourful chocolates

- Layered chocolates

- Chocolate Paan Fudge

- Chocolate Mithai Fusion Fudge

- Chocolate Rocky Road Fudge

- Wafer chocolate

We will make any 7-8 flavors in class and recipes for all flavors will be given in the notes

Impress your Kids, family and Customers and friends with delicious and eye catching yummy chocolates!

Fees 1500

Your Instructor

Fatema Najmi

Fatema Najmi

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