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500 Pcs Paper Cupcake Liners 50 x 32.5mm - Pink

500 Pcs Paper Cupcake Liners 50 x 32.5mm - Pink

SKU: SKU 006

Dear Muffin Cupcakes,
I will hold you well always.
Your Loving,

A beautifully designed greased paper for proving you the finest shape of cupcakes. These cake liners are made up of high quality paper which do not let the paper shrink when the cupcakes are getting baked in the oven. The cup cake liners can with stand a heat up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. With these convenient disposable cupcake liners it becomes easy to serve it to your guests and gift it to your friends and family. No more stick or mess !!! The cupcakes can be removed from the paper and easily be eaten. It comes in a 500 pcs pack with only one color in it which will give an elegance look to your cupcake.

Details of the cupcake liner:

Flat: 115 mm
Paper: 43 GSM
Size: 50 x 32.5 mm

Please visit our store for more colors.

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